OllyDbg V2.01 alpha 2 (20-Feb-2011)

Version 2.01 alpha 2 is an intermediate functional release with many new useful features.

The most important novelty is that this version is compatible with Windows 7. I have tested it under Win7 Home Premium 32-bit. If you find any problems, please inform me immediately. Don’t forget to add the screenshot of the Log window.

Other improvements:
– Aware of avast! antivirus and modifications it makes to the PE header;
– .NET analysis, very rough yet. .NET debugging is not supported, but at least I can disassemble CIL and parse .NET streams;
– Speech API support. You need SAPI 5.0 or higher installed on your computer. Open Options, select Text-to-speech and check “Activate text-to-speech”;
– List of found switches;
– List of referenced GUIDs. Internal database keeps ca. 8000 known GUIDs. Additionally, OllyDbg scans registry and extracts GUIDS registered on your computer;
– Search for modifications;
– Creation of backups from the executable file. If you suspect that virus has modified the code in the memory, just extract the backup from .exe or .dll and search for highlighted modifications. Note that OllyDbg does not restore imports;
– In Open dialog you can specify the current directory for the Debuggee;
– Chinese and other UNICODE file names are correctly preserved in the ollydbg.ini;
– Multiple less important features and bugfixes.

henüz betası çıkmamış olsa da yeni özellikleri ile kullanılmaya başlanacak gibi gözüküyor..

indirme linki : http://www.ollydbg.de/odbg201b.zip