RDG Packer Detector Version 0.6.7 ~ 2011

RDG Packer Detector
RDG Packer Detector

-New Interface!
Fast-Mode Detection Mode and Enhanced Powerful!
Super-Base of Signatures Updated!
Binders-heuristic detection
“Detection and Extraction Overlay!
-Checking and Automatic Updating!
Super-Fast Detection MD5 Hash!
Multiple-Support Plug-ins for both RDG Packer Detector and other detectors!
Multi-Format Detection MPG, GIF, RAR, ZIP, MP3 etc.
“Detection and removal of attachments!.
-Improved Heuristic!
“Greater stability!
-Supports Windows Vista & Windows 7
“Optimization in scanning speed
MA-detection (Quick) Totally Integrated Home Interface
From New Multi-Language.
And Much More!

Web : http://rdgsoft.8k.com/

Download: RDG Packer Detector Version 0.6.7 ~ 2011

Signature: Signatures 13 May 2011