Red.Gate.NET.Reflector. Full

Developers use .NET Reflector VSPro to: Debug assemblies without source code using the Visual Studio debugger Decompile and explore .NET assemblies inside Visual Studio Serve as a powerful object browser Decompile .NET code to understand how it works Learn or teach the complexities of a .NET language Provide a better alternative to library documentation Recover […]

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Hex-Rays IDA Pro Advanced 6.1 Full + Hex-Rays 1.5 + SDK + FLAIR + IDS Util + addons

IDA Pro Advanced 6.1 The IDA Pro Disassembler and Debugger is an interactive, programmable, extendible, multi-processor disassembler hosted on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X   Download pass:  

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Import REConstructor 1.7e FINAL

This tool is designed to rebuild imports for protected/packed Win32 executables. It reconstructs a new Image Import Descriptor (IID), Import Array Table (IAT) and all ASCII module and function names. It can also inject into your output executable, a loader which is able to fill the IAT with real pointers to API or a ripped […]

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Quick Unpack v2.3.7 Apr2010

The program is intended for fast (in a few seconds) unpacking of packers and simple protectors, usually used to make software trial or limited by serial, using this (no past hacking knowledge needed), you left with clean, fast and full software. 32Lite AnslymPacker AREA51 Cryptor Armadillo (minimal protection) AsdPack ASPack ASProtect (old versions) BeroEXEPacker CD-Cops […]

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Visual Basic Decompiler 8.2

VB Decompiler is decompiler for programs (EXE, DLL or OCX) written in Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 and disassembler for programs written on .NET technology. The loss of source codes is a very serious problem for many developers. From my personal experience I can say that it is indeed a terrible misfortune. Imagine you write […]

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Unpacker List (Download)

AC.Stripper.Rebuilder.v1.35.rar AC.Stripper.v1.0 Anti.UPX.SCRAMBLER.v1.0 antiaspack AoRE Unpacker 0.4 AoRE UnPack Tools v2.0 AoRE unThemida 1.0 AoRE UnThemida 2.0 AoRE UPX Unpacker v1.0 Armadillo.DLL-OCX Stripper.v1.6 Armadillo.Goblin.v1.0 Armadillo.Killer.v1.3.CopyMem.Edition armdep armkiller11 armkiller12 armkiller13 AS-AntiProtect.v0.98b asap98b AspackDie AspackDie 1.1 AspackDie 1.2 AspackDie 1.3 AspackDie 1.3b AspackDie 1.3c AspackDie 1.3d ASPackDie 1.41 Brats.Generic.UpxUnpacker.v1 bw25b2 caspr casprgui CASPR v0.93 CASPR v0.94 […]

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Packer List (Download)

Armadillo.v6.04.Custom.Build.0056 Armadillo.v6.04.Custom.Build.0335 Armadillo.v6.04.Custom.Build.0447 Armadillo_Custom4.40.0250 asp100 asp101 asp106 aspa211r aspack21 aspack102b aspack107b aspack211 aspack211c aspack211d aspack212 aspack212r aspack1061 aspack2001 aspr12br bjfnt13 cexe10a EPProt fsg FSG2.0 MEW111.2 neolt101 neolte20 pcsnk071 pec126b1 pec126b3 pec140b1 pec140b6 pecpt091 pecpt092 pecpt09754 pecpt100 pecpt110b5 pecpt110b8 pecpt120 pecpt123b4 pecpt124 pecpt125 pecpt130 pecpt131 pecpt132 pecpt133 pecpt134 pecpt140 pecpt141 pecpt142 pecpt143 pecpt144 pecpt145 pecpt146 pecpt147 […]

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RDG Packer Detector Version 0.6.7 ~ 2011

-New Interface! Fast-Mode Detection Mode and Enhanced Powerful! Super-Base of Signatures Updated! Binders-heuristic detection “Detection and Extraction Overlay! -Checking and Automatic Updating! Super-Fast Detection MD5 Hash! Multiple-Support Plug-ins for both RDG Packer Detector and other detectors! Multi-Format Detection MPG, GIF, RAR, ZIP, MP3 etc. “Detection and removal of attachments!. -Improved Heuristic! “Greater stability! -Supports Windows […]

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OllyDbg 2.01 alpha 3 (April 11, 2011)

A major update with many new features. Here are the most important: – Support for multi-monitor configurations – Hardware breakpoints and fast command emulation now co-operate. That is, run trace rund at full speed (up to and exceeding 500000 commands per second) even if there are hardware breakpoints set – Purely conditional breakpoints during run […]

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YGS 2011 Keygen

YGS 2011 Keygen Download SKIDROW ve Razor1911 yazmadan biz yazdık 😀 şimdi ygs (x86 & x64) yakında sonu “s” ile biten sınavların hepsi. p.s : ne olacak bu öğrencinin hali =]

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